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Working at Majaco

Majaco is a unique consulting firm that integrates directly with teams at renowned manufacturing brands, prioritising autonomy, curiosity, and lasting results. Join Majaco to be more than a consultant; become part of a team where work complements life and your contributions make a tangible impact.

Culture at Majaco

At Majaco, our culture is the foundation of our operations, deeply rooted in inclusivity, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We foster an environment where trust, value, and ownership are paramount, ensuring each team member feels motivated and empowered to deliver their best. This culture encourages innovation and the open exchange of ideas, propelling us beyond expectations and making Majaco a dynamic, forward-thinking, and client-centric workplace.

Our team members are self-starters, relentlessly curious, and tenacious. They challenge everything positively and collaboratively, never giving up and continuously overcoming setbacks and hurdles. They take pride in working with clients and aligning ideas to ensure clarity and a shared vision.

What we're looking for

At Majaco, we are looking for individuals with a solid operational background and a deep curiosity about how things work and how they can be improved. While it's essential to have a solid grasp of consulting basics like Excel, PowerPoint, analysis, and presentation skills, we value the 'secret sauce' even more. This includes tackling a £5m problem, quickly determining if a solution exists, and outlining potential strategies—all within a week.

Our team is diverse, with members bringing expertise from traditional consulting backgrounds and operational and analytical lead roles within manufacturing-related scale-ups. What unites us is a robust skill set that embraces the principle of 'trust but verify', which is applicable in any high-stakes manufacturing environment. We prioritise candidates with high emotional intelligence (EQ) and the confidence to independently own and lead projects with autonomy and credibility.

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