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A walk through of the Majaco methods we use to up your profits.

Step one: Let’s find the opportunities

We’ll spend a few weeks getting to know you and your business. After much conversation and interviews, site visits, data analysis and more, we’ll map out your operations with absolute clarity – backed up with hard data, and free of biases and blind spots. Wherever the inefficiencies and opportunities are hiding, we’ll find them using our battle-tested, scientific approach. Our assessment ends with a full breakdown of what we’re confident we can deliver. We’ll tell you how much you’re losing from the inefficiencies we’ve found, how much of it we can recover for you and how big a commitment any improvement project will be.

Factory working inspecting equipment
SH Pratt team member at work.

Step two: Let’s make change happen and deliver sustainable results

After our assessment, we’ll partner up with you to pinpoint the precise cause of each issue and implement the right solutions. We’ll take you through all the practical methods (such as split solving) we use to find and eliminate the kinds of issues – like 1mm discrepancies in the wear on crucial valves, or 0.2s delays in cycle times on your bottleneck machine – that can build up to a big, and negative impact on your PnL. This is usually a 6-18 month process of making operational improvements and seeing them all the way through to the bottom line.

Step three: Let’s make it stick long-term

Our projects finish, but our partnerships don’t. You can always give us a call or drop us an email whenever you need support. Little tweaks to the work we’ve done together, coaching team members, strategic advice – we’re here for anything that helps to sustain our positive results into the future.

Coffee beans being poured into a processing machine.
SH Pratt staff member using a forklift in their warehouse.

Common ways we make our improvements

We’ll look absolutely everywhere for the millions of pounds of savings that can be hiding behind assumptions and complexities. But the most common improvements we make involve: 

1. Maximising machine efficiency using PCM and Technical Problem Solving
2. Line balancing to minimise cost per unit
3. Improving planning for production, materials and labour
4. Optimising any trade off between stock levels, EBQ and OEE
5. Increasing levels of control around planning, ordering and deploying labour
6. Cutting waste and increasing process yield
7. Getting a clearer understanding of planning and commercial costings
8. Making sure investments deliver ROI

Coming soon: Bespoke tools

You’d usually have one partner for consultancy and others for software. We love finding inefficiencies, and this sounds like an inefficiency to us. We’re developing a suite of Planning and Continuous Improvement Tools that perfectly complement our on-site delivery. For each process we show you, we’ll soon be able to provide or recommend the software that'll help sustain new processes long-term. We’re already building partnerships and customising the tech to make this a reality.

Palettes in a warehouse.

Let's make it possible

All our projects start with a simple ‘hello’ and a chat. Let us know what challenges you’re facing and we’ll let you know how we can help.
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